Justice Squad Chronciles 1:The Takedown

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Justice Squad Chronicles: Takedown

The first story arc

This is a world just like our own but with people with powers

In the city of Argos Bay, the Justice Squad is the top hero team in the city.

When their major rival the Dominion attacked, will the Justice Squad be able to survive or will they be transformed into lovely playthings for the Dominion's enjoyment. 

This series has an A.S.F.R. Themes of transformation (mannequin,stone,love doll,etc), mind control and very sexy robots.


The first in a series of erotic A.S.F.R. tales brought to you by the 



Price: $5.99 USD
Date Released:2014.10.12
Categories: 3D Artwork, Superheroine

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$5.99 USD

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