Bloodstone City Tales: Interludes

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Bloodstone City Tales: Interludes

This is the digital copy of the online version of several mini stories from my Bloodstone City series

These stories take place between the second and third story arcs and also during the third story arc. 

1. How The Game Is Played - This is the side story that deals with Sam Stone's former master/owner. It show how Sam has played with her former owner over the years.  This take place before Bloodstone City: The Conquest.

2. Catherine Summer and Friends Join The Club - This side story deals with the two missing soliders that is mention in The Conquest story arc. 

3. What Happen To London Mitchel - this side story deals with what happen to London Mitchel the former crime boss of the city. This character is mentioned in the second story arc. 

4. What Happen to Roseana - this side story deals with what happen to Roseana Parker.


Price: $3.99 USD
Date Released:2015.04.10
Categories: 3D Artwork

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$3.99 USD

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