A.W.W. Corporation 2: Down Sized Part 2

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Part 2 of A.W.W. Corporation: Down Sized

This is the final part of the Down Sized.

A.W.W. Corporation's plan for protecting their company and controlling the nano-machine technology continues. 

Witness the final fates of the betrayers

Watch as the mastermind of the plan, Mannon, meet her robotic end.

Learn with Michele McCain escape her stoney prison.

Watch as Adriana began her life as a toy.

And watch as former boss, Julia Anderson, learns what it feels like to be boss around.

Learn all this and more in the final of A.W.W. Corporation: Down Sized.


Price: $3.25 USD
Date Released:2015.01.15
Categories: 3D Artwork, Superheroine

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$3.25 USD

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