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The videos which inspired the NakedExperiment concept.
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A collection of 8 short videos that formed a key part of the inspiration behind the concept. They cover a variety of related topics, all involving female nudity:

Woodland Dare (3m 52s)
Two girls dare another to run naked in the woods.

Shyness Test (4m 2s)
Two girls are tested to see who's the least shy.

Emma Strips Unexpectedly (3m 55s)
Without warning Emma strips in front of her friends

Amber's Audition (12m 46s)
Amber is talked out of her clothes by her friends

Statue Game (3m 11s)
One girl tries to show no reaction while another does her best to get a reaction, including removing her clothes.

Tearry's Forfeit (1m 38s)
After losing a stripgame, Tearry has to walk out into a field and strip naked.

Vote (3m 23s)
Three girls vote for which of them must stand up and get naked.

One Girl Strips Another (1m 37s)
Natalie has to strip Cate completely naked, but Cate isn't expecting it!


Price: $8.95 USD
Date Released:2014.09.18
Categories: ENF

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$8.95 USD

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